UTS Science Building

  • Client: University of Technology Sydney
  • Architect: BVN and Durbach Block Jaggers
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Ultimo, Sydney
  • Type: University and Education
  • Image Credit: UTS

The UTS science building is a three storey educational building which adopts an undulating monolithic facade with half storey windows looking out to a central gathering space. The facade curves and tilts, and the windows vary in size to achieve an over exaggerated warp appearance.

Surface Design have been engaged by the UTS as the facade consultant and have worked in conjunction with renowned architects BVN and Durbach Block Jaggers to develop this monolithic facade through the use of new material technology. The complex facade has been designed to act as its own entity, constructed to stand independently regardless of the building structure movements. The use of a glass reinforced skin allows the facade to “breathe”, taking into account the thermal expansion and tolerances of the facade.