Our Sustainable Design Capabilities

Our design team believes that sustainable design is intrinsic to all aspects of urban planning and building design development. We offer our experience and capability in providing the following Design and Modelling Services:

  • Sustainable design master planning & consultancy advice
  • Sustainable concept design, planning and implementation
  • Life Cycle studies
  • Renewable energy design opportunities
  • Economics and cost analysis
  • Thermal comfort assessments of indoor environments
  • Daylight assessments
  • Shading and overshadowing studies
  • Site analysis wind studies using Computation Fluid Dynamics software
  • Green Star consultancy and documentation services
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consultancy services
  • National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) assessments
  • NatHERS residential energy assessments

Our Facade Design Capabilities

Our Facade Team specialises in the holistic design of the building fabric for both new and existing buildings. We work with owners, architects, project managers, engineers, main contractors and fabricators.

We participate on projects through various roles ranging from being the clients designer and representative, to main contractor design audit and advice, through to engineering for fabricators. Undertaking these roles is important so as to maintain a comprehensive and informed position in the market. We work in the following areas;

  • Design and documentation of new facades including;
    • New curtain wall and windows suites
    • Precast concrete  and GRC
    • Stone and terracotta
    • Metal clad and rain-screen systems
  • Engineered Structures from new materials
    • Structural glass
    • Fibre composites
    • Non ferrous alloys – Bronze
    • Natural and recycled materials
    • Studies of recycled materials
  • Design of non-linear and tensile structure for entries, awnings and skylights
  • Development of cladding solutions to complex geometric forms
  • Engineering and submission of fabricator systems
  • Thermal analysis of facade systems
  • Condition surveys

Our Material Science Capabilities

Our design team believes that sustainable practice is intrinsic to all aspects of the built environment whether infrastructure, urban planning or building design material science and materials durability underwrite truly sustainable design and development.

Materials Science is a broad field and our skills and understanding of materials are focused on those used in construction whether it is infrastructure, industry or buildings. These skills allow us to interpret the situation and develop appropriate and alternate solutions:

  • Materials  selection and specification;
    • Cementitious and concreting materials and composites
    • Metals and metal joining/welding
    • Protective, functional and architectural coatings
    • Corrosion protection
    • Adhesives and sealants
    • Natural/dimension stones and ceramics
    • Polymeric materials and composites
  • Condition assessment and failure analysis
    • Inspections, testings and failure analyses
    • Assessment of test results and failure analysis reports
    • Formulation of repair and specification
  • Durability and service life estimation/prediction
    • Durability design of concrete structures
    • Estimation of residual service life of concrete structures
    • Durability design of steel and aluminium structures/components and protection requirements
    • Estimation of service life of polymeric materials
  • Sustainable Use of Engineering Materials
    • Embodied Energy Assessment
    • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Use of by-products, recycled materials and their implications on durability and design life of the components