Company Profile

We are a team of professional designers from varied backgrounds including Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Sustainable Engineering and Materials Science, who all share a commitment to Sustainable Design.

Our business focus is solely for the disciplines of Environmental Sustainable Design,  Facade Engineering and Materials Science.

Surface Design was established in Sydney in 2010 and has grown to a team of ten. We currently have projects in Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Armidale, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne along with projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Making a Difference in Delivery

Our business has been formulated through consultation with our clients and staff to deliver what they need and want. We have achieved this through:

  • Providing the best and senior people focused and available to work on your project, and to teach and develop others
  • Employing the best sustainable, facade and materials design staff to work and deliver projects together
  • The efficiency and flexibility of a nimble business, to make decisions and respond as a company to the requests that help our clients business and their projects
  • Ensuring a cost structure that is not penalised by large corporate overheads but allows work to be delivered with the best and most current technology
  • Using the knowledge and experience of large and international projects and business operations – derived from our peoples’ experiences, associations and cooperation with other specialist consultants and universities
  • Maintaining reliable, accurate and innovative technical results through collaboration and peer review through associations with other specialist consultants and universities


We are specialists in sustainable design, facade systems and materials for both new and existing buildings. We practice our skills both individually and collectively and bring a unique combination of our skills to any project.

In our work we collaborate with owners, architects, project managers, main contractors and fabricators to deliver our projects.

Our philosophy is to work closely with others in collaborative and respectful partnerships with relevant professionals within the building industry in delivering first-class projects.

Our partnerships include working with mainstream consultants such as Structural and Building Services who want to improve their specialist reach but also specialist consultants such as specialist ESD, Acoustic, Sciences and Management consultancies who wish to expand their skill base.

We pride ourselves on our skills and innovative capabilities along with our no-nonsense and practical knowledge of the construction industry.