Opening of QANTAS Hub

Witnessing the excitement of the new tenants of your project, the first time they enter their new workplace, is a unique experience. The first day of operation and the Official Opening of the Qantas Hub atrium coincided on the 31 January, allowing the designers, builders and management to witness the excitement of the new occupants. Surface Design were extremely proud to attend the opening, view the finished product and discuss the project with the team and the new tenants. Alan Joyce (Qantas CEO) cut the tape to the applause of over 2000 Qantas staff.

It has been an enjoyable project, we have created new, and developed existing relationships. We began work on the project in 2010, this is a founding project for Surface Design. We worked through design and construction with Qantas, APP (project manager), Architectus (architect), Enstruct (structural engineer) and FDC (builder). We extend our thanks to Enstruct for taking us under their wing and Architectus for supporting us during our formative project.

We hope that the opening marks an important epoch for Qantas, and that as new tenants of the facility sparks an enthusiastic, healthy and successful work environment.